Our Tooth Fairy Program

Concerning statistics from the 2014 National Child Oral Health Survey revealed over 40% of children aged between 5 and 10 had tooth decay in their baby teeth, and over a third of children aged between 9 and 14 had decay in their permanent teeth.

In order to help reduce the number of Australian children suffering from preventable dental diseases, Smile Solutions, Australia’s largest dental practice, has developed and sponsers a free preventative dental initiative to educate children on how to care for teeth and gums properly.

The Smile Solutions Tooth Fairy, who is also a registered dental nurse, presents a 30-minute educational, interactive show along with her friendly puppet Boris the Dragon, to Melbourne kindergartens, schools and early learning centres. Together they will educate your class about basic dental care and good nutrition.


The Tooth Fairy Visit

The Tooth Fairy and her assistant will teach the children a variety of things including:

  • The differences between healthy food and junk food and the ways in which junk food and sugary drinks can cause damage to the teeth.
  • How to brush teeth, gums and tongue correctly, reinforced by a song
  • How to floss and why it’s important to do so
  • Names of the teeth
  • Number of baby teeth and adult teeth
  • What to expect when their teeth become wobbly and how the adult teeth will grow
  • Discussion about the process of visiting a dentist. Children will be shown some of the dental instruments used and there will be an opportunity for one child to try on a dental gown, mask and gloves
  • Discover details about the Tooth Fairy, where she lives and what she does with all those teeth

The children take home an educational letter for their parents a tooth chart, a tooth fairy doorknob hanger, colouring in sheets, a balloon and Smile Dollars for both the children and their parents. Each child will also have their photo taken with the Tooth Fairy and Boris the Dragon that will be emailed to the school after the visit. In the instance where it is a larger group, we will do class photos instead. At no stage will these images be used by us or disseminated for commercial use without consent.

The Tooth Fairy visits schools, kindergarten and early learning centres around Melbourne. Unfortunately due to the popularity of the program, we will not be able to visit everyone. Groups must have at least 25 children and location suitability is dependent on which other schools we are visiting as well as distance from the practice.

Children aged between 3-5 years will get the most out of the Tooth Fairy show, however children up the age of 7 are welcome. For older groups, we adjust the content of the show so it remains relevant for them.

The minimum group size is 25. The maximum size is dependant on the age group and we can discuss this with you when you register your interest

Unfortunately our Tooth Fairy Program is not currently running. If you’d like to register your interest for upcoming programs, please complete the form here.




Knocked Out Tooth Flyer

Knocked Out Tooth Emergency

For active children of any age there are numerous situations in which a tooth can be knocked out or chipped – whether in the classroom, in the schoolyard or, most commonly of all, when playing sport.

When a child presents with a missing or chipped tooth, a normal reaction is to panic. Fortunately though, it can be possible to save the tooth if quick action is taken.

Smile Solutions has created a handy guide outlining the steps that should be followed to help avoid any permanent consequences of having teeth knocked out or chipped. Download the guide and keep it handy so that you’re prepared if an accident occurs.