Boutique Bubs, Hampton

Boutique Bubs child care centre in Hampton enjoyed their visit from the Smile Solutions Tooth Fairy, where she assisted in teaching children oral health habits they should always follow. This included learning about which foods are healthy for their teeth and how to take care of their teeth perfectly for a lifetime.

They had a great day and they especially enjoyed having their photo taken with the Tooth Fairy and her dragon Boris.


The children learnt all about how to brush their teeth and gums in circles.

Boutique Bubs Tooth Fairy Visits

This little girl now knows what a dentist does and why wears those funny masks.

tooth fairy teaching children oral health

The tooth fairy got the kids to practice examining Borris’ teeth, the way a dentist will examine theirs.

Teaching children oral health habits

The children loved getting a takeaway pack which included a chart so they can track when they lose their baby teeth!