St Catherine’s School, Toorak

The beautiful children at St Catherine’s School in Toorak where thrilled when they received some very special Tooth Fairy lessons from the lady herself!

She taught them lots of important lessons about keeping their teeth nice and healthy, including how to brush them properly to get rid of all the nasty sugar bugs, what foods to eat so their teeth stay strong and what the dentist will do when they go and visit him.

receiving tooth fairy lessons

Some lovely little girls have their photo taken with the Tooth Fairy.

Smile Solutions Tooth Fairy Lessons

The Tooth Fairy is using Boris the dragon as a patient, to show them how to clean and floss their teeth properly.

children's oral health tooth fairy lessons

Did you know all our teeth have different names? Here the Tooth Fairy is teaching the children about their different names, and showing them how they can track when their teeth fall out.

tooth fairy lessons

The Tooth Fairy and Boris the dragon had a fantastic day meeting all the children at St Catherine’s School.