Collingwood Family Day

Event: Collingwood Football Club Family Day
Date : 2nd February, 2013

Smile Solutions is proud to announce we are now the official dentist to the Collingwood Football Club. Living high in the Tower of the Manchester Unity building, the home of Smile Solutions, we invited the Tooth Fairy to visit her Collingwood friends at the Collingwood Family Day.

Each child was lucky enough to take home an instant photo of themselves with the Tooth Fairy, as well as a beautiful door hanger to put on their door, so the Tooth Fairy can find their room when they loose their teeth.

Here are some of the photos she had taken with her greatest fans!

This cutie has the same colour hair as the Tooth Fairy and a super sweet smile – she must be taking great care of her teeth!.

A sweet girls with a lovely smile enjoys a cuddle with the Tooth Fairy – look at her white teeth… the Tooth Fairy is very proud!

Zoe with the Smile Solutions Tooth Fairy – guess what Zoe wants to be when she grows up….”a Tooth Fairy”!! She is gorgeous and kind – she just needs to learn how to fly!

Macy aged 7 meets the Tooth Fairy for the first time – how exciting!

Jordyn, Ella and Alishia enjoy a cuddle with the bunny rabbits and the Smile Solutions Tooth Fairy.

Tana’s smile is as big as the Smile Solutions Tooth Fairy’s.

Tyler and his sister Summer love the Pies and the Tooth Fairy

Siyana aged 4 can’t wait for the Tooth Fairy to visit her one day soon.

Sydney can’t wait for the Tooth Fairy to visit her again – what surprise will she leave?!

Amelia agaed 4, enjoying the Collingwood Family Day, was so happy to meet the Smile Solutions Tooth Fairy.

Grace and Olivia have blonde hair like the tooth fairy, and promise to brush their teeth twice a day.

Maddison, Zara and Tiana are thrilled to meet the Smile Solutions Tooth Fairy, and promise not to eat too many sweets.

Nathan and his sister Olivia were surpised to meet the Tooth Fairy. They can’t wait for her to visit them again.

Nathan lights up the day with his big smile. He is taking good care of his teeth.

Francesco, beth and Owen enjoying their day at the Collingwood family event and were very pleased to have a photo with the tooth fairy.

Cree, Ciara, and Cale, enjoy a cuddle with the tooth fairy and promise to take great care of their teeth.

Charlie is 5 years old and is a proud COllingwood fan and takes good care of her teeth. She looks forward to a visit from the tooth fairy.

Nakeisha aged 6 loves the tooth fairy and wishes she too could fly!

Zara aged 4 is in training to become a tooth fairy!! She is practising her best smile!

Sabrina aged 3 had a photo with Boris the dragon and the Tooth Fairy

Gorgeous Ashton has a cuddle with the tooth fairy in the middle of the football field. Now the tooth fairy has met her she will easily find her when she loses her first tooth.

What a surprise – Sarah’s tooth saw the Tooth Fairy passing by at the Collingwood family day and the tooth decided to POP out!! Sarah was so excited to come and show her tooth to the tooth fairy – if you look closely the tooth is in her hand!!

Tahlia was a little shy at first but then came in for a lovely photo with the Tooth Fairy that has been brining her surprises when her teeth fall out.

Go Pies and Go Aysia – a sweet girl enjoying a hug with the Tooth Fairy.

Alexis and Jamie Lee love the Pies and enoy meeting the tooth Fairy.