Grimwade House, Caulfield North

The Tooth Fairy visited the lovely children in Prep and Grade 1 at Grimwade House, where she focused on teaching kids oral health habits they should always stick to!


Teaching kids oral health at Grimwade

Olivia was elected to be the dentist for the morning and assisted the Tooth Fairy in flossing and brushing Boris’ teeth. They were very shiny when Olivia finished and all the sugar bugs were removed from between his teeth. Boris promises to brush his own teeth from now on twice a day and floss as many times a week as he can. Remember, only floss the teeth that you want to keep!

Teaching Kids Oral Health

Tooth fairy teaching kids oral health habits

Mikayla from Grade 1 enjoys a photo with the Tooth Fairy that she later takes home and puts up on her wall in memory of the special day.