Harvest Home Primary School, Epping

Last week, the Tooth Fairy visited the pre children at Harvest Home Primary School in Epping Epping for a Tooth Fairy Incursion. It was a very windy day so she had to work hard to fight the gusts that blew across Epping, but she eventually made it to their lovely new school. The children were all very well behaved and learnt a lot from the Tooth Fairy incursion including how to brush their teeth properly and what foods are bad for their teeth. They learnt that if they look after their teeth and keep them strong, they’ll 32 adult teeth! That’s 12 more teeth than they have now!

The children were so happy the Tooth Fairy had come to visit them, they made her cards and letters to give her and one little girl even sung the Tooth Fairy her favourite song. The Tooth Fairy couldn’t wait to put up all her special gifts in her tower the minute she flew home!

tooth fairy incursion  tooth fairy incursion  tooth fairy incursion