Smile Solutions Tooth Fairy in the News

The Tooth Fairy appeared on 7 News to talk about how her visits are helping curb tooth decay in children.   View the video below, or read the transcript.

“There are concerns an increase in tooth decay in primary school students, could be linked to the popularity of bottled water, meaning children aren’t getting enough fluoride. But as Christie Cooper reports the Tooth Fairy, is fighting back.

Christie Cooper: Gone are the days when dental hygiene was scarier than detention. Today, learning about teeth is a real treat. The Smile Solutions Tooth Fairy is doing the rounds of Melbourne Primary Schools, trying to curb an increase in tooth decay.

Dr Louise Hagan: We’re finding an increase in the amount of cavities, particularly in pre school children.  Up to 20% of pre school children have experienced toothache.

CC: Dentists say its partly because junk food is so easily available but also, because more children are drinking bottled water with no added fluoride. Mum of three Laura Kartel discovered her children needed fillings.

Laura Kartel: That was actually a shock, it was sort of an awakening for us. We’d practiced good dental hygiene from the beginning but that really reinforced things.

CC: Research shows that nearly half of all children aged 5 and 6 have at least one cavity but more more astoundingly, one in 10 has more than 7. But for these St Catherine’s pre schoolers the message is getting through.

Christie Cooper, 7 News.”