Williamstown Primary School

On this Tooth Fairy School Incursion, dentist Ava from Williamstown primary school helped the Tooth Fairy use a dental mirror to check if Boris the Dragon has any cavities.

Ava’s teacher Bianca wrote the following thank you message from the class:

“The prep students at Williamstown Primary School thoroughly enjoyed having the Tooth Fairy visit them. The information presented to the students was explained simply and the students walked away with a greater understanding of dental hygiene and knowledge of their teeth.

The Tooth Fairy took full control of the students and had many strategies in place for managing the behaviour of the students during the presentation.

The students were very excited to receive a goody bag of treats encouraging them to begin or continue looking after their teeth and other areas of their mouth.

Thank you so much to the Tooth Fairy, Victoria and Smile Solutions for allowing Williamstown Primary to participate in such a fun and educational session. The Tooth Fairy’s visit is sure to be a highlight of our year together in prep!”

tooth fairy school incursion