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Why should my child see a paediatric dentist rather than a general dentist?

Welcome To The Tooth Fairy Centre

Inspiring Little Ones To Care For Their Teeth

First Visit To The Dentist

Welcome to the Tooth Fairy Centre, a fully funded initiative sponsored by Smile Solutions & Core Dental Group, created in support of our collective philosophy in preventative dental care and starting children on the right path to good oral health at a young age.

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Welcome to the Tooth Fairy Centre

We take very seriously the privilege of caring for your children’s teeth along with teaching them about good oral hygiene and preventative dental care.

There are lots of things we can do to encourage children to maintain their oral health such as having positive familiarisation at the dentist watching a parent have their teeth checked, developing fun tactics to make teeth cleaning enjoyable or exploring the tooth fairy website.

By approaching oral health with a fun, exciting attitude, children will be more likely to embrace good oral habits. Being comfortable at the dentist and not being anxious or scared, stems from positive experiences such as these.

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Children’s Dentistry

Children’s dental care is quite different from adult dental care, and visiting the dentist for the first time can be a strange experience. That is why it is important to make that experience as positive as possible, so that seeing a dentist does not produce feelings of anxiety.

Also crucial is the fostering of good oral hygiene from a young age, establishing habits that will result in good dental health for life.

We advise parents to introduce their child to professional dental care from the age of three.

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Meet Our Specialist Paediatric Dentists

Our team of Paediatric dentists are registered specialists who focus on treating and managing the special dental needs of babies, toddlers and children. Paediatric dentists can perform a number of dental treatments for your child, including preventative care, treating dental decay, applying fissure sealants and dealing with children’s dental emergencies (including dental trauma and broken or lost teeth).

A significant component of paediatric dentistry involves understanding child psychology and establishing trust through child-friendly communication in a reassuring environment.

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If you need a dental appointment for your child or for any other dental appointments, click here to find your nearest location, or call us on 7036 5555. With over 80 specialists, dentists and hygienists, we can service every facet of your and your family’s dental needs.

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Why should my child see a paediatric dentist rather than a general dentist?